Behind many of Melbourne’s finest eateries, there is a great piece of wood fashioned by Arteveneta. Most likely you would have sat on it, eaten off or with it, or perhaps even just admired it. It may have come in the form of the bar you lean at, the tables, stools, benches or shelving.

For over 16 years, Orio Randi has been making custom furniture for both commercial and private customers, from the large wood workshop called Arteveneta, tucked down a laneway in Prahran. Orio’s roots in furniture run deep. Of Veneto ancestral origins, he started in the business working alongside his father, Ottavio, who learnt the trade in a small town near Venice, Italy.

But Arteveneta is more than a nostalgic father and son story. While acknowledging a sense of the traditional, the business is organic, creative and ever-expanding, with a team of five fulltime artisans, plus apprentices.


Milca - Table and Stool's for Adults
Milca - Cafe Table
Milca - Adult's Stool
Milca - Table and Stool's for Kid's