Keith Melbourne

Studying engineering in England whilst working in the aerospace industry. Moving to the international automotive industry and spending 15 years developing advanced engine and control system technology. Travelling around the world to test vehicles and manage large engineering projects. Keith Melbourne has not followed a typical path into furniture and product design.

Leaving his engineering career behind in search of something more rewarding. In 2004 Keith signed on to study design in Western Australia. Immediately discovering a creative world that he loved, there was no going back.

Since changing career direction Keith has exhibited extensively and received a number of design awards. Believing strongly in the importance of the relationship between designer and manufacturer. He enjoys close collaboration with manufacturing companies, and their skilled workers, in order to develop his designs and bring them to the market.

His acclaimed work is clearly influenced by his diverse experiences, and seems to sit in a realm where engineering precision meets artistic creativity.


I DO...Bedside Lamp
I DO...table lamp
I DO..Up-Down wall lights
I DO..up - wall light