Tim Fleming

After graduating from Art School Tim practiced as an artist, working in a variety of media including installation, video, painting and multifunctional furniture. Simultaneously he founded the conceptual operation called "Flatland OK". The intention of this project was to explore the possibility of existing in a corporate environment in a meaningful and ethical way.

"Flatland OK" encompasses all the design work that Tim creates and from its inception a certain amount of fiction exists around the objects.

This Fictional element is explored in an irregularly self published Zine called "Flatland OK".Travelling under the moniker of “The Founder” Tim has developed a range of objects from the “shadows of darkness” figurines to ice moulds of “famous free thinkers”. All of “The Founders” work encourages the collector to “look at themselves” through hybrid forms such as the “wallet with wheels” or use of the simple mirror.


Clubs Mirror
Hand Mirror
Skull Mirror
Clover Mirror
Hand Mirror OK
Swiss Vanity
Crossbones Mirror
Evil Word